Ken's Life Outside Work

As much as I like writing, I don't do much of it on my own time. Instead, I dabble in a variety of creative, constructive, and relaxing interests.

Before relocating to Brooklyn in 2013, I played banjo in a fairly active bluegrass band, bass and five-string banjo in a moderately active Celtic band, and bass in a boomer rock trio that practiced more than we played out. Here in New York I've given up playing in bands, but I've become a participant in the acoustic jam scene. An incurable tinkerer, I dabble in my own stringed instrument repair — with mixed results.

Since we now live in an apartment, my weekends are no longer spent keeping up with our Victorian era house and tremendous yard.

Back in D.C., I was often invited to speak on the business of freelancing and creative self-employment. I participated in panels, workshops and seminars put on by Smithsonian Associates, Washington Independent Writers and the Creative Club of Albany.

In the 1980s, I performed close-up magic at restaurants in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

My wife Linda is a finance industry editor at Thomson Reuters. No, I can't get her to write about you.

My grown son and married daughter are making their own ways in the world.

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